My father, a social worker with The Department of Housing and Community Renewal in the state of New York where he devoted all of his adult life in order to provide for his family, always told me that "it will be the artists that save the world".

The performing arts is a place of communication. It's a human medium which does not exist without a performer and a witness: the audience.  

In creating spectacle (theatrical, audio, visual or any combination therein) I want to communicate a little bit of myself, my experiences my reality and my fantasies and dreams with my audience. I hope to give the observer pause, to make people reconsider what they thought was true, what they thought was reality.

I think of myself as a realistic idealist. I can be cynical with the worst of them and then suddenly a whimsical dreamer. While I don't think that the world can ever be "saved" in the preterite-perfect tense. I know (and have experienced) moments of salvation. Most of these moments have been achieved through some version of human creativity.

My mission is to promote and create opportunities- moments like these for everyone that I touch.

My aim is to work towards my father's projection. 

Long live art. Long live humanity.

-Benjamin Nathan-Serio

November 2012. Barcelona, Spain